Eye make-up from today’s shoot~Thanks Twinny for letting me borrow your lipstick~ c:Got these moon plugs for Christmas, looove♥ so comfy too!
Am I a mermaid yet?♥
My face yesterday after I got my 2nd tattoo done! : )The angle looks like my hair is shaved! I kinda like it c:Haha, I don’t have Instagram on my phone so I use my boyfriend’s to edit my photos.I wish I had it.. :c Soon enough I’ll get a better phone! But first I need a stable job.
One of my favourite shots from the gothic lolita inspired shoot I did July 13th~Photographer: Stephane LarocheModel/Styling/MUA: Me♥

This is what I made last night! Mama bone and baby bone ★ Made from an old skirt and a pair of socks~!
April was a productive month for modeling~Had a lot of fun collaborating with great people♥ c:Photographer: Perpetual Decadence

Photographer: Brittany Howell
Model: Cupcake Lolita
Bow: Medium Black and Pink Polka Dot Hair Bow

Pastel dip-dye♥More photos to come~ c:
Another photo from the shoot~Hope you enjoy♥Photo by: Perpetual Decadence
Recent shoot with a French photographer, her work is amazing♥Also new two-tone hair~ c: 
Photo by: Perpetual Decadence

Evil Queen.
model - me [ cassia sparkle ]
Before my haircut~& new medusa♥ 

Took this shot of my girlfriend not too long ago, enjoy!

Adorable sketch by: http://www.facebook.com/jessicacoxart
The girl in the sketch is none other than Brianne Tweddle. :)Go check out her amazing art by clicking the picture~