I absolutely love this colour

My arm~ c:Planning to continue this sleeve for my birthday, can’t wait♥

Officially settled down in Montréal~
1st day of work as a designer assistant tomorrow! c:

Today was my first volunteering day at Ottawa Fashion Week (OFW)
I got paired with amazing designers including Andy from Y!D.N.A.
Definitely check him out if you’re a fan of avant-garde fashion!
I’m really getting excited for the show now~

September 2012 seems to be the month for making fascinating encounters.
I’ve met so many interesting people & made new friends!
Looking forward to meeting more & hopefully collaborating on future projects~ c:

Back from a mini-vacation at a chalet~ c:
Had a nice relaxing time with my mom and sister roasting marshmallows, going on forest walks & sharing our living space with cute fieldmice!

Got a call back from the group interview at F21! So happy~
So I guess as long as you have a good resume, not talking in a group interview isn’t that much detrimental xD.. (I’m so bad at those..)
Excited to start this (school) year keeping busy with 2 jobs!

I hope all of you are doing well, & hello to my new followers♥
Feel free to send me messages,
I’m a good listener & will do my best to give my advice on anything! c:


Camellia♥This is my second realistic flower piece by Rob Chambers from The Ink Spot located in Ottawa. In my opinion, he’s the best in the region!My plan is to eventually get a full sleeve with different flowers by him. c:

My new tattoo♥


If anyone is interested, here is my Pinterest 


Rainbow-ish! xD (Taken with instagram)

Preview from today’s shoot~ c:

Photoshoot for Starry Eyed Bowtique today~ c:
Going to be a lot of fun

Post haircut~Next step: lilac with baby pink dip-dye♥Tomorrow. c:
My 1st tattoo♥Sakura blossom~Tattoo by: Rob Chambers at The Ink Spot
Two dolls from a hobby shop in Tokyo~
Christon Café♥ in Shinjuku~Going to post a few more photos from my trip to Japan~ c :

Beautiful bead work on men’s wear


Skeletal Corset♥

One of my favourites from Gaultier~